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Friday, April 25, 2008

The Yearning For Zion Ranch

It sounds like an animal sanctuary you'd find attached to a church, but it's actually the Polygamist Camp that was raided this month. I'm sickened and disturbed by this story. Children as young as 14 were sexually abused and married to older men. Women weren't allowed to cut their hair, wear red (since the color belongs to Jesus?), and could not leave. I even read a 14 year old girl was arranged to marry her cousin.

They wore colonial attire and gave the image of living in a simple colonial style compound. Apparently under the fear that the apocalypse is upon us. If you ask me, this isn't that far off from being a cult much like that in the vein Jim Jones or David Koresh.

What's worse is a lot of the children who was escorted out and are now in state custody are pregnant, unfamiliar with modern society, and don't know who they may be related to outside of the compound. DNA tests are being done to try and figure this out but I can't even begin to imagine living in such a sheltered compound away from modern society and then try and become acclimated to it. I'm somewhat reminded of the movie The Village.

Here's the article I read on this subject, which I also was watching on the news while sweating on a crossramp at the gym last night:

534 women, children leave polygamist ranch

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