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Friday, April 25, 2008

Did Someone Shoot At My Car?

This past Sunday, I went to my friend Peter's wedding with two good friends. It was down in Fullerton as was the dinner the night before. That night was interesting, as I ate duck, lobster, and jellyfish all in one sitting. The jury is still out on the jelly fish. Let's just say I didn't know what I was eating until after I started chewing. It was a Vietnamese banquet. I got wayyyyy drunk. This was Saturday night.

Sunday was the wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and a great time. Even though I was a bit put off by the minister. He kept saying it was a good day, to the point where it almost came off like he was trying to talk everyone into thinking this simple thought and not just making an observation. The dinner was great, and it was actually...a good day. I didn't even have to use my A.K.

It started getting cold when we were getting ready to leave. I turned the heater on in my car for Brenda. Mike was in the backseat. We get onto the 5 and after ten minutes, I turn the heat off. Another five minutes, while listening to Sting on whisperlike volume, there was a loud boom in my car and what felt like a kick to the back of my seat. I remember asking if I had lost a tire. I then start hearing cracking noises and look in my rear view mirror to find Mike ducking and my back window cracking A LOT!

Um, Holy Shit, did I think as I was trying to move to a shoulder as Brenda is telling me to either speed up or slow down (I can't remember). I couldn't find a shoulder on the fwy, so I headed for the exit while my back window is now looking like a spiderweb of many many cracks. Mike is ducking. I get off the fwy, try to avoid pot holes, and park in the Jack In The Box. We all get out in time for my back window to completely shatter into what looks like millions of pieces.

I called the auto club and waited for a tow truck to arrive. During this time, we were trying to figure out what caused this. Mike said nothing hit my car, there was no impact mark of a brick or rock. The idea that the temperature went from really cold to really hot causing this, is slim. It's tempered glass. That shouldn't cause it. I then thought maybe it was an air pressure thing. But that sounds far fetched too.

The tow truck driver showed up to tell me he can't tow me for another hour since I am 40 miles away from home. I told him that was lame and asked him to help me get the pieces of glass outta my car so I can drive home. I then drove home on the fwy with no back window. It sounded like my back speaker had blown, but I seriously was listening to Sting...really low. Far fetched.

Today, someone said I could have gotten shot at. I still don't think that was it. But if I already had a tiny crack on my window, something could have aggravated that and caused what happened.

I'm at a loss for ideas and it wasn't covered under my insurance since my deductible is $500 and the damages were less than that.

Any ideas? Anyone?

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