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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tunes,Tacos, and Trannies

This past Friday, I ventured out to Das Bunker with some friends. For those of you out there who don't know, Das Bunker is a dance club that specializes in all forms of Industrial music. Their site can be found here: Das Bunker

I haven't been out in quite a while so it was nice to head out and get sweaty to hard noisy beats.

Here's a video example of the music I am referring to:

It was a good night. Sad thing was, I wanted to leave by 1. I drove people there and the people I drove decided it was best we leave at 1:30, which meant we actually left at 2am. By that time, I was worn out and once again reminded of my age. I just wanted to go to bed. It's been quite a long time since I've been out clubbing, let alone out till 2am near Crenshaw Blvd.

I was happy we were leaving until the decision was made to go to Del Taco. I offered to take them to the one near our houses but they opted for the Del Taco on Santa Monica and Highland.


I knew this wasn't going to be some easy 'go in, get food, and leave' scenario. I was reminded again of how much I had grown out of certain things like this. But we went.

Here's where the story takes a turn to the 'Friday Night in Hollywood' stereotype. We get to Del Taco at 2:20 and there's a line of cars from the drive thru so the decision is made to go inside and order. We walk in to find an army of gay men in front of us in line. I'm serious when I say army. They were all in different military garb. I make eye contact with one in particular who is sizing me up. This little Asian guy is wearing what looks like a cheap version of a US Air Force worman's outfit. It was one of them one piece things that zipper up the front. We make eye contact and I recognize this guy.

I then bust out laughing, almost in his face.

It was Bobby Trendy.

Yeah...that guy above. That little turd burglar. Anna Nicole Smith's stylist guy that was featured on her train wreck of a reality show. I'm staring at him. I then realize, my staring at him is making him think I am interested cuz he is now giving me the Devil eyes.

Quickly, like the wind, did I look away.

For the next fifteen minutes, we wait in line, we order our food, and we wait for our food whilst the gay army continues meandering about the Del Taco. My friends go to the restroom and while they are gone, some drunk fat mexican guy walks up to the counter and takes their food. This proceeds to more waiting.

We finally get our food and I'm excited because I thought this meant we were to leave but no, they wanted to eat there. So I sat down and ate my food and listened to my angry friend talk about how he wanted to kick the fat mexican's ass who was just sitting oblivious one table over.

At this point, the shady looking guy by the window is staring out the window, not moving. Almost in a statuesque state. So I follow his stare and see a transexual prostitute dancing for him outside on the Del Taco lawn. I couldn't see the shady guy's face to see his reaction but my gaydar wasn't going off. I wanted to warn him that this was a dude shaking his bony ass at him through the window. I didn't say a word though, because this is Hollywood at 2:30 am and I don't wanna get shot.

We finally finish our food and head to the car to find what looks like a tranny fight on the Del Taco lawn in progress. There were about 6 of them and I saw one removing her big hoop earrings yelling obscenities to the other who was just five minutes earlier shaking her lack of goodies at Mr. Shady Man. On top of this, there was a passed out guy on the grass lying on his back in the middle of this throw down.

This video isn't that far from the visual I am trying to convey to you:

Bizarre. That's Hollywood for ya. I had a good time but it reminded me why I don't go out to Hollywood at night much anymore.

That,and why I always take separate cars.

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