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Friday, April 04, 2008

The Green Tea Concept or How I Broke Up WIth Diet Rockstar Energy Drinks

Well holy shit! Jumpin Jesus on a waterbed!

I swear, I had no idea. None. Zero. Sure I've heard the Sobe Tea commercials and have read about the health benefits in drinking green tea, but I still had no idea it was going to be like an energy bolt to the heart!

Yesterday I had a Diet Rockstar on the way to work, a cup of coffee when I got to work, some candy, some sugar ridden substances, and I was still dead tired. I see a coworker of mine drinking this green tea so I asked him what it was. He told me it was the Jasmine Green Tea packet that comes with the Flavia coffee thing we have in the kitchen.

It looks kinda like this:

I never used it to make tea. So I figured why not. I tried the tiny packet of jasmine green tea and it poured into a cup not bigger than 8 ounces. I flavored it with honey and a splenda packet. On hot diggety duncan donuts in a martian dragon's fist, was this damn good! I mean really good. And within 15 minutes, I was flying high on an energy cloud that lasted a good five hours.

I went to the gym and bolted through 200 calories in 17 minutes on the cross ramp and I still had enough energy to finish my workout, go home and make dinner, get some writing done, etc.

So I am now on a mission. I feel that if I keep drinking this stuff, which is healthier for you, I will soon become Jet Li.

That's right. Jet Li. Go ahead and doubt me. As Jet Li, I will kick and punch those doubts into the rice patty field and make it grow into a nice full tea tree....that I will then juice by merely staring at it's limbs. I will then drink that juice and eventually become a hybrid super kung fu genius made up of one part Jet Li, one part Bruce Lee, and one part Keith Carradine.

Sorry Diet Rockstar, I'm done with you. still are my morning treat. Don't cry. Who else gets the train out the station like you?

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KennyDoll77 said...

I tried the Jasmine Green Tea thing once too. Not from the Flavia thingey, but after drinking it in Thai restaurants and falling head over heels. I still go back to coffee now & again though. Energy drinks can fuck off though. It takes way too much Monster to make me a monster.