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Friday, November 17, 2006

Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen

Bangin' loud, heavy on the table with an old tin pot
While the Devil's on his back, swingin' in his skin cot
The coffee's burnin' fire on the ol' linoleum floor
And the pigs are laying down outside the corner drugstore

Chicken feed and gumballs make up his inner sin
The Devil sings a laughing song, in that bunker made of skin
The metal din ricochets off the walls inside this room
Outside the orange light brings the roses to their bloom

Still bangin' on the oak slab with utensils made of steel
The Devil plays solitaire while the walls begin to peel
Now the pigs all smell like jail bait to distant fertile fish
And the figs out in the yard get picked for his dinner dish

Clankin' and spankin' in the land of crazy dreams
Satan applies thin layers of very heavy creams
All this time, the man is stuck makin' noises, makin' calls
And the Devil applies the bandaid to the bleedin' peelin' walls

-AP 11/16/06