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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Oh me...

Driving to work this morning, once again I had this thought that the world is full of stupid people. Of course, with my luck, they all swarm to the 405 freeway at the same time every morning. Every day, all the time, I am confronted with the fact that millions of drivers do not know how to merge. Seriously, not that difficult. When you see that two lanes are becoming one, either by the big white arrow painted into the road showing you where you will need to move your car, or simply by the fact that your two lanes has become one wide one that is slowly narrowing...this means you merge. This does NOT mean you drive parallel to me and constantly look over at me like I am the jackass for staying in the lane like I am supposed to. Like I'm taking over your territory or something. The nerve, I must have for abiding by the rules of the road.

Just think of it like a zipper, people. One tooth after the other until the zipper lines into place. Not that difficult of a concept.

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