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Monday, April 28, 2008

La Vie En Rose

That's right! You guessed it! The next movie I received from Netflix was "La Vie En Rose". This was a long and beautiful film, indeed. To talk about this movie, you can't ignore the musical genius that was Edith Piaf. As well, the actress Marion Cotillard blew me away. If ever there was a movie where an actor or actress had to portray a person who once existed, this has got to be the most accurate performance besides say Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles, that I've seen.

Here's footage of a live performance of Edith Piaf from 1954 singing "La Vie En Rose":

And here's the trailer for the film:

Absolutely beautiful story translated in film. Marion Cotillard won the Academy Award for her performance.

If I had stars....ok 5, it gets 5. End of story. Watch it, ya damn lazy American. Read them subtitles and enjoy it. Culture in yo face!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Did Someone Shoot At My Car?

This past Sunday, I went to my friend Peter's wedding with two good friends. It was down in Fullerton as was the dinner the night before. That night was interesting, as I ate duck, lobster, and jellyfish all in one sitting. The jury is still out on the jelly fish. Let's just say I didn't know what I was eating until after I started chewing. It was a Vietnamese banquet. I got wayyyyy drunk. This was Saturday night.

Sunday was the wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and a great time. Even though I was a bit put off by the minister. He kept saying it was a good day, to the point where it almost came off like he was trying to talk everyone into thinking this simple thought and not just making an observation. The dinner was great, and it was actually...a good day. I didn't even have to use my A.K.

It started getting cold when we were getting ready to leave. I turned the heater on in my car for Brenda. Mike was in the backseat. We get onto the 5 and after ten minutes, I turn the heat off. Another five minutes, while listening to Sting on whisperlike volume, there was a loud boom in my car and what felt like a kick to the back of my seat. I remember asking if I had lost a tire. I then start hearing cracking noises and look in my rear view mirror to find Mike ducking and my back window cracking A LOT!

Um, Holy Shit, did I think as I was trying to move to a shoulder as Brenda is telling me to either speed up or slow down (I can't remember). I couldn't find a shoulder on the fwy, so I headed for the exit while my back window is now looking like a spiderweb of many many cracks. Mike is ducking. I get off the fwy, try to avoid pot holes, and park in the Jack In The Box. We all get out in time for my back window to completely shatter into what looks like millions of pieces.

I called the auto club and waited for a tow truck to arrive. During this time, we were trying to figure out what caused this. Mike said nothing hit my car, there was no impact mark of a brick or rock. The idea that the temperature went from really cold to really hot causing this, is slim. It's tempered glass. That shouldn't cause it. I then thought maybe it was an air pressure thing. But that sounds far fetched too.

The tow truck driver showed up to tell me he can't tow me for another hour since I am 40 miles away from home. I told him that was lame and asked him to help me get the pieces of glass outta my car so I can drive home. I then drove home on the fwy with no back window. It sounded like my back speaker had blown, but I seriously was listening to Sting...really low. Far fetched.

Today, someone said I could have gotten shot at. I still don't think that was it. But if I already had a tiny crack on my window, something could have aggravated that and caused what happened.

I'm at a loss for ideas and it wasn't covered under my insurance since my deductible is $500 and the damages were less than that.

Any ideas? Anyone?

The Yearning For Zion Ranch

It sounds like an animal sanctuary you'd find attached to a church, but it's actually the Polygamist Camp that was raided this month. I'm sickened and disturbed by this story. Children as young as 14 were sexually abused and married to older men. Women weren't allowed to cut their hair, wear red (since the color belongs to Jesus?), and could not leave. I even read a 14 year old girl was arranged to marry her cousin.

They wore colonial attire and gave the image of living in a simple colonial style compound. Apparently under the fear that the apocalypse is upon us. If you ask me, this isn't that far off from being a cult much like that in the vein Jim Jones or David Koresh.

What's worse is a lot of the children who was escorted out and are now in state custody are pregnant, unfamiliar with modern society, and don't know who they may be related to outside of the compound. DNA tests are being done to try and figure this out but I can't even begin to imagine living in such a sheltered compound away from modern society and then try and become acclimated to it. I'm somewhat reminded of the movie The Village.

Here's the article I read on this subject, which I also was watching on the news while sweating on a crossramp at the gym last night:

534 women, children leave polygamist ranch

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

John Adams

For the past month and a half, or so, I have been glued to my television every Sunday night for the seven part miniseries of John Adams which was on HBO. There was nothing I could see, that was wrong with this presentation. Actually, everything about this show was phenomenal, spectacular, riveting, heart wrenching, honest, and inspiring. Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney gave excellent performances...and dare I say the best performances of their careers so far.

The cast had so many players, the whole miniseries taking place over the lifespan of John Adams. David Morse was a fantastic George Washington. Tom Wilkinson was perfect as Ben Franklin.

If nothing else, this miniseries makes me interested in reading history books. I never was fond of History in elementary or high school...but now I find it riveting and interesting to read. Paul Giamatti simply blew me away. He is, by far, one of my top five favorite actors of all time.

I do hope there are awards won for the performances conveyed. I won't touch on how the birth of our nation correlates with the state of our nation now, but it does put things into perspective. Not that it'll change much of our current state of affairs.

Here's the trailer, I'm sure HBO will be re-airing all the episodes. I'll be sure to get the DVD set soon.

If I had stars, I'd give this 6 out of 5. Yes, that's right.

Discipline by NIN

Click the link below to download the new NIN single "Discipline" for FREE!

Trent, I love you.


Friday, April 18, 2008

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

I loved this movie!
I loved this movie!
I fucking loved this movie!

Maybe it's the simple fact that I've spent a good part of the past year trying to forget my ex girlfriend who's name is also Sarah. Maybe it's because I related to almost every detail of the main conflict of this film. Maybe it's not, but I loved this movie.

I don't remember the last movie I genuinely laughed out loud at as much as I did in this film. God bless the Judd Appatow gang. It's a dream of mine to work with them. They really do know how to make good comedy.

Jason Segel wrote a great script and delivered a spot on comedic performance. What's great about this film is that they don't dance around the issue of the pain one goes through in being dumped/breaking up. Comedy and drama are separated by a very paper thin line and there is so much comedy that comes from pain. It's the familiarity of the emotion, the realism of the performance, and the sheer stupid silliness of the process.

I could really go into details about the different elements of this film's plot that I relate to and compare them with all the fucked up details of my on again/off again relationship with Sarah whats her name. But I'll save that...say....for the little project I am working on.

All this aside, Kristin Bell, Mila Kunis (both incredibly hot), Russell Brand, Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, that guy that plays Kenneth on 30 rock all did a great job rounding out the cast.

Everyone should go see this movie, unless you're that pretentious hipster couple who sat next to me not breaking a smile the whole time.

If I had stars, this one would get 5. Seriously.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Something In Common

Gotta love the C O double M O to the N

Something about him, it's a Common day for me.


And some old school shit, for good measure:

Can't wait for the new album to drop in a few months!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

To Hell In A Handbasket Part 2

No words needed.

To Hell In A Handbasket

This bitch gets a reality tv show, starts her own clothing line, is working on an album, and voting for John McCain.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tunes,Tacos, and Trannies

This past Friday, I ventured out to Das Bunker with some friends. For those of you out there who don't know, Das Bunker is a dance club that specializes in all forms of Industrial music. Their site can be found here: Das Bunker

I haven't been out in quite a while so it was nice to head out and get sweaty to hard noisy beats.

Here's a video example of the music I am referring to:

It was a good night. Sad thing was, I wanted to leave by 1. I drove people there and the people I drove decided it was best we leave at 1:30, which meant we actually left at 2am. By that time, I was worn out and once again reminded of my age. I just wanted to go to bed. It's been quite a long time since I've been out clubbing, let alone out till 2am near Crenshaw Blvd.

I was happy we were leaving until the decision was made to go to Del Taco. I offered to take them to the one near our houses but they opted for the Del Taco on Santa Monica and Highland.


I knew this wasn't going to be some easy 'go in, get food, and leave' scenario. I was reminded again of how much I had grown out of certain things like this. But we went.

Here's where the story takes a turn to the 'Friday Night in Hollywood' stereotype. We get to Del Taco at 2:20 and there's a line of cars from the drive thru so the decision is made to go inside and order. We walk in to find an army of gay men in front of us in line. I'm serious when I say army. They were all in different military garb. I make eye contact with one in particular who is sizing me up. This little Asian guy is wearing what looks like a cheap version of a US Air Force worman's outfit. It was one of them one piece things that zipper up the front. We make eye contact and I recognize this guy.

I then bust out laughing, almost in his face.

It was Bobby Trendy.

Yeah...that guy above. That little turd burglar. Anna Nicole Smith's stylist guy that was featured on her train wreck of a reality show. I'm staring at him. I then realize, my staring at him is making him think I am interested cuz he is now giving me the Devil eyes.

Quickly, like the wind, did I look away.

For the next fifteen minutes, we wait in line, we order our food, and we wait for our food whilst the gay army continues meandering about the Del Taco. My friends go to the restroom and while they are gone, some drunk fat mexican guy walks up to the counter and takes their food. This proceeds to more waiting.

We finally get our food and I'm excited because I thought this meant we were to leave but no, they wanted to eat there. So I sat down and ate my food and listened to my angry friend talk about how he wanted to kick the fat mexican's ass who was just sitting oblivious one table over.

At this point, the shady looking guy by the window is staring out the window, not moving. Almost in a statuesque state. So I follow his stare and see a transexual prostitute dancing for him outside on the Del Taco lawn. I couldn't see the shady guy's face to see his reaction but my gaydar wasn't going off. I wanted to warn him that this was a dude shaking his bony ass at him through the window. I didn't say a word though, because this is Hollywood at 2:30 am and I don't wanna get shot.

We finally finish our food and head to the car to find what looks like a tranny fight on the Del Taco lawn in progress. There were about 6 of them and I saw one removing her big hoop earrings yelling obscenities to the other who was just five minutes earlier shaking her lack of goodies at Mr. Shady Man. On top of this, there was a passed out guy on the grass lying on his back in the middle of this throw down.

This video isn't that far from the visual I am trying to convey to you:

Bizarre. That's Hollywood for ya. I had a good time but it reminded me why I don't go out to Hollywood at night much anymore.

That,and why I always take separate cars.

Street Kings (A Review)

I've gone on record before and said I think Keanu Reeves is a decent actor who gets a bad rap. He was great in many films like My Own Private Idaho, Parenthood, The Matrix, and Constantine to name a few. I think there's a general caricature that people and the media give him from his general vernacular and how he carries himself. Sure, he's been in a bunch of crap but so has many actors out there.

That being said, I loved Street Kings. The cast was great.

I've decided a while ago that any movie with Forest Whitaker is a movie I will take the time to watch. Hugh Laurie brought his slightly sarcastic character trait that makes watching House so fun to watch to this performance.

Then there's Chris Evans. I first got wind of this actor from his performance in the movie Cellular alongside Kim Bassinger. Then he starred as The Human Torch in The Fantastic Four movies. He has a sense of charisma that makes him interesting to watch. It was his dramatic turn in the movie Sunshine that made me decide he's worth my while to watch as a legitimate actor. He held his own in this film among the stellar cast. Some of the most entertaining scenes involve him and Keanu Reeve's "Tom Ludlow" character.

Rounding out the cast are Jay Mohr, Common, Cedric The Entertainer, and The Game.

For those who know me, they know I'm a big fan of TV shows like 24 and The Shield. Season 6 of The Sheild had Forest Whitaker as a badass evil character. I feel his character in this movie resonated a similar feeling. It blended well with the L.A. street story. It was right up my alley, a cool popcorn flick.

I believe anyone who loves shows like 24, The Shield, or The Wire, will like this movie too. It's written well, it's acted very well, and it's an overall entertaining movie that is obviously from the same vein as Training Day.

If I had stars, I'd give this movie 4 1/4 out of 5.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Flavor Flav Has His Own Sitcom Now?



Flavor Of Love was one thing. A reality tv show that reeked of Maury Povich's Baby Daddy episodes. But come on, his own show?

Does anyone else think this is a blatant ripoff of The Fresh Prince Of Bell Aire?

Watch this video below. In between clips of Chuck D and great Public Enemy footage, as well as imagery from various parts of Black History and such, listen to this man talk. They should have just shown the imagery and he should have kept his mouth shut.

Life is a book with chapters and each chapter is filled with pages. And to move through life, you can't stay on the same page. Right...very deep Mr. Flav.

Very deep.


I got the chance, finally, to watch Disturbia. It was originally on my Netflix list but then I found it was on HBO so I removed it from the Netflix and proceeded to watch it on Cable.

All this info above you probably do not need to know, but I shared nonetheless.

All I knew about this movie was that it had Shia Lebuff and David Morse in it. I remembered the trailer made me think I definitely had to see it but I never did. I am glad I spent the time and watched it.

As I am watching this movie, I started feeling like I've seen it somewhere before. It had a very Hitchcock feel to it. And for good reason! It's Rear Window for the kids. It was really good. I don't say that very often. But everything about this movie rocked. David Morse played quite the creepy neighbor. (He also plays a good George Washington for those of you following John Adams on HBO) Shia Lebuff is a good actor. I hate saying this because there's definitely something about him that irks me. But everything I've seen him in, he's been good. Of course, since his starring role in Transformers and his upcoming role in Indiana Jones, I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of him.

I suggest anyone rent this movie if you haven't seen it yet. It has a fun yet suspenseful feel throughout.

If I had stars, I'd give it 4 out of 5.

Sweeney Todd (A half review)

I had Sweeney Todd sitting on my desk for two weeks. It had come from Netflix. I knew I wanted to see it. My taste for Johnny Depp/ Tim Burton movies made me feel like I needed to watch this movie.

I finally sat down last Thursday to watch it. I got through an hour of it, my attention dwindling. My interest deflating. Not that it wasn't good, from what I gathered. I just got bored. I decided to turn it off and watch a new episode of 30 Rock and The Office instead.

I found that decision to be more entertaining.

Sorry Johnny and Tim. It's not you it's me.

I don't have stars to give to this. Maybe if I watch the entire thing one day. Maybe....

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Relate Everything To Movies

I have two examples for you.

First, yesterday I went on The Stairmaster for the first time at the gym. What a funny contraption that is. I get on this piece of equipment and I start forever walking up a staircase that is going nowhere, proceeding to pour a copious amount of sweat in a small amount of time.

While I am climbing, if you can call it that, I start thinking of that scene in Ghostbusters where our trusty heroes are climbing all those stairs to get to the roof to fight Zool.

Heh, are you the Gatekeeper? I'm the Stairmaster.

Second example, and this happens every time I take a shower...I think of a scene in the movie Toy Soldiers. You know the movie? An all boys school is taken over by terrorists. Sean Astin, aka Sam Wise Ganji plays the hero. There's a scene where he escapes and gets out to the camp where the police and FBI are waiting for word to negotiate. He tells them information on what is going on inside. During this time, the terrorists gather all the students together for a roll call and keep coming up short. SamWise runs back, runs late, trips and falls into a puddle and gets soaked. So being crafty, he gets naked and runs through the shower end of the school, grabs a towel and wraps himself in it, and runs back in time to save one of the kids from being killed. Basically, his story is that he didn't hear the alarm or know the time due to his shower. He ends up being punished and whipped.

What does this have to do with me taking a shower? For some reason, every time I'm in the shower, I imagine myself being in his position and try to get believably wet as fast as possible so see if it would work to pull a fast one on a bunch of terrorists at my all boy prep school that I attend.

By the way, gotta give it up to Martika!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Fuck You, Coachella

I said it when you added Aphex Twin.

I'll say it again now that you added Prince.

Prince? Are you fucking kidding me?

Whatever, I still stand by my decision in writing off the festival show. Not that it's just the lineup, or heat, or drive, or cost for hotel, or cost for water, or food, or the bathroom situation, or the large crowds, or the massive amount of dirt and grass inhalation, or certain people I'd rather not see....

It's a nice combination of all that. Just not worth it to me. I suppose it would have been back when my wallet, in my mind, existed for others besides myself.

But still...Prince....that should be a great live performance.

You have fun. I'll be seeing Kids In The Hall a week after that.


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Teeth, Fingers, and The Post Office

While we're on the subject of what is dirty, manners, and teeth...let me tell you a little story about the trip I took to The Post Office yesterday. I work in Santa Monica and this area of Santa Monica is already a seething mixture of tourists, hot people, hippies, and mentally disabled dirty vagrants.

The Post Office resonated this.

I got in line and struck up a lovely conversation with two girls visiting from England. They told me the word "Awesome" is very American and they would say "Lush" or "Mint". I have now decided I will do my best to use those words more. Sadly, it'll probably be involved with discussions of alcohol and mouth wash. But still...

So I am standing there and this line is taking forever. This is when my attention was drawn to the woman standing on the other side of this island they separate the line with. In this island are various post office ecoutrement. Well this woman looked to be in her late 40s or early 50s. She had the air of a gypsy...maybe psychic....or could just be a pagan. I don't know. I've been around enough to know. She probably had an extensive collection of Stevie Nicks memorabilia somewhere at home.

She was having quite a hard time with the post office tape dispenser. Kept pulling the tape but couldn't cut the tape on the metal teeth the dispenser has. So, and I shit you not, she proceeded to bend down and grab the tape in her mouth and attempted to rip the tape with her teeth. It didn't quite work out to her advantage though and she ended up looking like a snaggle tooth gypsy dog woman. I had to turn around as to not laugh right in her face.

But seriously, the Post Office...especially in this not somewhere you want to put your mouth on, let alone teeth. I'm sure you'd get less germs fucking an ash tray used by Gene Simmons.

But what do I know? I don't smoke and can't stand Kiss.

Nose Picker

As children, we are raised being told that it's rude or a dirty thing to pick one's nose. I remember when I was kid, I would see my grandmother and mother mask their fingers in tissue paper before plunging into their Jew nostrils to do God's work.

Yeah, God's work. I said it.

I never truly understood what was dirty about this. I mean, sure, there are germs everywhere. But it's not like you have a butt on your face.

(A note to those with butts on their faces: I mean no offense and my prayers are with you.)

How much of a difference on the rude spectrum is it then, to thinly veil your finger with a kleenex before proceeding to pick away? Is it safer, this way? Does society deem this more of the clean way of doing things? Why not create a finger kleenex condom for such things then?

I feel that if it's located on one's face that the person has the right to touch it or deal with whatever issue they are facing.

(Yes I realize I just referred to facing a face

Anyway, I was thinking about this recently. I guess I constitute being a random nose picker and I'm not quite sure that I'm embarrassed. Yet, this more-so happens around this time of year due to allergies. I wake up with cave dwellers taking up space in my Jew nostrils. I have em too...with the rest of me Jew parts.

I have no problem with invading my face holes with my long as I know they have recently been cleaned. Although, I find that I do this without thinking when....say....driving after a long day of work. It's almost like a meditative state of nose picking. I am only aware I'm actually doing this heinous act when I feel a driver passing me and looking over.

Oh, whatever, like you don't do this!

But what really brought this to my attention was this past Sunday. I was at a writer's meeting at a coffee place. I had just left the restroom and I felt like my nose was full of itchy itchy. So I scratched the most outer inside part of my nostril. Not even picking it. And as I walked with the tip of my index finger touching the technically inside of my nose, I made eye contact with the hottie in the pink top. It was like time slowed down and she looked at me and for that split second, I saw her register what I was doing in a way where her look translated into me being Elephant Man or something.

Whatever. Like you don't too...Pinkie! Maybe not. But you probably enjoy pedicures done by your own set of teeth.

Maybe not.

I don't know.

Right now the nose is itchy itchy again.

I must fight the URGE!

Oh me...

Driving to work this morning, once again I had this thought that the world is full of stupid people. Of course, with my luck, they all swarm to the 405 freeway at the same time every morning. Every day, all the time, I am confronted with the fact that millions of drivers do not know how to merge. Seriously, not that difficult. When you see that two lanes are becoming one, either by the big white arrow painted into the road showing you where you will need to move your car, or simply by the fact that your two lanes has become one wide one that is slowly narrowing...this means you merge. This does NOT mean you drive parallel to me and constantly look over at me like I am the jackass for staying in the lane like I am supposed to. Like I'm taking over your territory or something. The nerve, I must have for abiding by the rules of the road.

Just think of it like a zipper, people. One tooth after the other until the zipper lines into place. Not that difficult of a concept.

Monday, April 07, 2008

The Finck Is Back!

Oh Sweet Baby Jesus In A Bounce House!

I'm fucking flying with excitement right now. Robin Finck is back in the band.

Which band? NIN you numb nut! He was one of the original live line up. He left NIN to join the circus and now he is back. I cannot wait until the show in September!

The above is the recent pic Trent posted on

Below is the pic of him from the OG days.

Friday, April 04, 2008

The Green Tea Concept or How I Broke Up WIth Diet Rockstar Energy Drinks

Well holy shit! Jumpin Jesus on a waterbed!

I swear, I had no idea. None. Zero. Sure I've heard the Sobe Tea commercials and have read about the health benefits in drinking green tea, but I still had no idea it was going to be like an energy bolt to the heart!

Yesterday I had a Diet Rockstar on the way to work, a cup of coffee when I got to work, some candy, some sugar ridden substances, and I was still dead tired. I see a coworker of mine drinking this green tea so I asked him what it was. He told me it was the Jasmine Green Tea packet that comes with the Flavia coffee thing we have in the kitchen.

It looks kinda like this:

I never used it to make tea. So I figured why not. I tried the tiny packet of jasmine green tea and it poured into a cup not bigger than 8 ounces. I flavored it with honey and a splenda packet. On hot diggety duncan donuts in a martian dragon's fist, was this damn good! I mean really good. And within 15 minutes, I was flying high on an energy cloud that lasted a good five hours.

I went to the gym and bolted through 200 calories in 17 minutes on the cross ramp and I still had enough energy to finish my workout, go home and make dinner, get some writing done, etc.

So I am now on a mission. I feel that if I keep drinking this stuff, which is healthier for you, I will soon become Jet Li.

That's right. Jet Li. Go ahead and doubt me. As Jet Li, I will kick and punch those doubts into the rice patty field and make it grow into a nice full tea tree....that I will then juice by merely staring at it's limbs. I will then drink that juice and eventually become a hybrid super kung fu genius made up of one part Jet Li, one part Bruce Lee, and one part Keith Carradine.

Sorry Diet Rockstar, I'm done with you. still are my morning treat. Don't cry. Who else gets the train out the station like you?

Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Way Out

Clasp down.

I feel the bones break like they've done before.
Break into new shape but not pieces.
Outward inward and before me are sparks.
I see light and I feel stuck but there's movement.
Formations and mutations.
I see a destination.
Past echoes whisper to bad memories.

A quicksand back pedal.

Clasp down.
Remove the shoes but keep the feet.
Just keep swimming.

Just keep swimming.

-AP 4/3/08

She's Fucking Obama

This is fucking genius. I can't stop laughing.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Barack Obama isn't a good bowler

Hillary Clinton isn't a good liar.
John McCain isn't a young man.
George W. Bush isn't a good president.

Of these choices, I'd rather have a bad bowler in office.

Barack Obama may not be good at bowling. But this woman ain't that great at telling an April Fool's Joke. More like....this fool ain't that great at telling an April Women's Joke?

...see what I did there?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Krumping, not to be confused with krunking, cranking, crumpet, or crimping.

I learned today what Krumping is. I didn't know I was out of the loop on things but I guess I am old and out of the loop on things.

Or so my twenty something hip dance fighting coworkers told me.

I was sitting at my desk and I looked over at my coworker's computer, not because I am nosey, but because out of the corner of my eye I saw a video of what looked like a man having a psychotic seizure. He was jittery, jumping in spasms, grabbing his clothes, and making hand movements as if to fight off a giant invisible grizzly bear.

"What the hell is that guy doing?" I say.

"Krumping." She says in a tone that suggested the word "Duh" should be accompanying the sentence.


"It looks to me like someone needs to put a spoon in his mouth to keep him from swallowing his tongue", I say.

Of course I said that last statement in jest, finding my comment rather amusing. Mind you, I guess I was the only one. Once again, laughing at my own joke like Mr. Roeper from Three's Company.

I told you, I'm old and out of the loop. I only reference sitcoms from the 70s.

It turns out that krumping is also known as 'wildin out'. You know, like that Nick Cannon show on MTV. Right, I'm hip. I got street cred. I know the

When I grew up, I used to breakdance. I was the pop locker in the sorry ass "crew" that was the other kids in the apartment building I lived at. I think it takes a lot of talent and skill to break dance and I still dig the form and like watching people do it when they are good.

But krumping? It just looks like a guy freaking out as if he is covered by a swarm of giant vampire locusts, jumping up and down, throwing a fit as if to say, "GET THEM OFF ME!"

Hell, what do I know? I could be wrong. Here's a video of breaking and krumping. You decide.

Break dancing:


Ok just for the record, the video I saw of krumping was not as badass as the one above. So I guess it takes some skill to do it. But I still side with break dancing. If this was a coke vs pepsi battle....break dancing would be Coke all the way.



I am a Bjork fan but I'm not one of them fanatics. I wasn't much into her last album Medulla. But upon watching the new music video for Wanderlust, I'm reminded how much I love Bjork. Even if she is a crazy alien who attacks paparazzi.

This video reminds me of Where The Wild Things Are with a dose of some Mayan flavor thrown in.

My relationship with Starbucks is like that of an Ex I can't let go

I had a bitch of a night's sleep last night. This led me to run late in heading to work this morning. That, in turn, led me to not make myself coffee at home. I got to work and decided to go pick up some near work. Where do I head? Starbucks. Fuckin' Starbucks. After that last coffee blog, you'd think I'd avoid that place. Can I get away with saying I went there because of the convenient location to my work?

I get in line. I place my order. Simple order, actually. Venti mild drip. This is pretty much the only thing I order there. The last I checked, they served mild brew until late morning. This morning, however, I am told they aren't brewing it. But they have Verona.

Great. Verona. I don't want Verona. My stomach doesn't want Verona. But that's what they are offering me. And to make the deal even sweeter on their end, they tell me Verona is good with chocolate. Ok. I know. I went through the hours of Barista training when I worked there. But stomach doesn't want chocolate as much as it doesn't want Verona this early in the morning.

I asked the guy why they weren't brewing mild drip. He responded saying that they are implementing new standards to make the coffee even fresher and now will be rebrewing the coffees every 30 minutes.



This is where that new training and re-evaluating brought Starbucks? Instead of charging less for their crappy coffee, they're just going to rebrew the coffee even more frequently?

Now for those of you who don't know, the old technique was that once an hour is up after a pot of coffee was brewed, they would dump the remaining coffee into the sink and brew more. I never agreed with this. I don't get who decided that coffee goes bad sitting in a pot after only an hour but whatever. Their coffee already tastes burnt so it isn't like this'll help avoiding that taste. But now I'm thinking this will contribute further to wasting water and I don't find this to be a good solution.

But whatever, I ordered the Venti Verona and proceeded to do my best in masking it's over roasted flavor. It did the trick as coffee should, but quality...well I wasn't drinking it and thinking how great this coffee was in quality.

I went there this morning out of convenience. Walking there, I thought to myself that I was being a hypocrite. I drank with hypocritical apprehension. Tomorrow, if I forget to brew coffee before leaving to head to work, I think I'll try McDonald's coffee. I mean, I bet it's cheaper and tastes better.

So, Starbucks, stick that in your pipe and smoke it.