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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Krumping, not to be confused with krunking, cranking, crumpet, or crimping.

I learned today what Krumping is. I didn't know I was out of the loop on things but I guess I am old and out of the loop on things.

Or so my twenty something hip dance fighting coworkers told me.

I was sitting at my desk and I looked over at my coworker's computer, not because I am nosey, but because out of the corner of my eye I saw a video of what looked like a man having a psychotic seizure. He was jittery, jumping in spasms, grabbing his clothes, and making hand movements as if to fight off a giant invisible grizzly bear.

"What the hell is that guy doing?" I say.

"Krumping." She says in a tone that suggested the word "Duh" should be accompanying the sentence.


"It looks to me like someone needs to put a spoon in his mouth to keep him from swallowing his tongue", I say.

Of course I said that last statement in jest, finding my comment rather amusing. Mind you, I guess I was the only one. Once again, laughing at my own joke like Mr. Roeper from Three's Company.

I told you, I'm old and out of the loop. I only reference sitcoms from the 70s.

It turns out that krumping is also known as 'wildin out'. You know, like that Nick Cannon show on MTV. Right, I'm hip. I got street cred. I know the

When I grew up, I used to breakdance. I was the pop locker in the sorry ass "crew" that was the other kids in the apartment building I lived at. I think it takes a lot of talent and skill to break dance and I still dig the form and like watching people do it when they are good.

But krumping? It just looks like a guy freaking out as if he is covered by a swarm of giant vampire locusts, jumping up and down, throwing a fit as if to say, "GET THEM OFF ME!"

Hell, what do I know? I could be wrong. Here's a video of breaking and krumping. You decide.

Break dancing:


Ok just for the record, the video I saw of krumping was not as badass as the one above. So I guess it takes some skill to do it. But I still side with break dancing. If this was a coke vs pepsi battle....break dancing would be Coke all the way.


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