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Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Belt Buckle Floor Show

Welcome to the Belt Buckle Floor Show
It's a place where the folks like to dance their dance
Naked in clown makeup and feathers
Adorned with bells and whistles
It's a crowded place, full of booths and popcorn
There's a place in the corner too
She likes to hide there
It's where she does the thing she says she doesn't do

It's the Belt Buckle Floor Show, of course
A place where he likes to giggle like a sheep
His belly is filled up with butterflies and beer
His nostrils flare like Fridays here
There's a toothy grin appearing on his gritty face
His teeth, brown and golden
This place makes him shine like an old fashioned movie marquee

You'll find it here at the Belt Buckle Floor Show
A plethora of corn syrup and jewels
The children run a plenty
Sugar highs and monetary lows
Their laughter, screams, and cries blend together like smog
Unfulfilled wants and needs come out like burps
And before they know it, it's naptime
This place makes their bellies ache from shoe shine saccharin

It's closing time at the Belt Buckle Floor Show
We hope you enjoyed your stay
Please man the doors and wipe the floors
Purchase your saturated pocket fillers now
May your ego feel temporarily boosted
May our cash registers feel boasted too
For we are closing at the Belt Buckle Floor Show
Thanks for the friendly invasion, please come again.

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