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Saturday, July 29, 2006


Though the man without eyes was blind
Oh the magical things he would see
Visions and thoughts of otherworlds
Not appropriate or right for you and me

Visceral plains of carnival creatures
Shoulder blades cut the fog filled air
Inbred monkey men with feminine features
Crowd like sardines inside the humid lair

The winged skeletals hover above this city
Their screams come out like a baby child's wailing
Eyes, like fire, light up the dark sky so pretty
They prey on the weaklings in ships below, sailing

The weaklings, made up of scales and fishbones
Wash ashore on the black sanded beach in pieces
Skulls and fins and eyeballs in black tones
Mix in with the sand and water in creases

And on the land set far away from the water
The man without eyes sits whistling a soft song
His mouth full of teeth and lizard tongue's slaughter
Commiting crimes inside his head against the human throng

-AP 07-28-06

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