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Friday, July 28, 2006

Zombie Love

On a concrete slab sits Undead Ned
His veins emptied, hollow and dry
He carries with him a stone bone head
Tears of dust drip from his baren eye

He walks along with a sideways tilt
Stifled and sore like a grudge fucked gimp
Always hungering for the flesh of guilt
Whoring out zombie girls like a feverish pimp

His tophat askew and moldy old
Turned down quick to sheild the skies
His heart is grey stone and winter cold
Empty cracked holes exists for his eyes

In a three piece suit, he gleefully walks
Eyeing the night for his next prize
And with his bride, he partakes the waltz
Never flinching at the buzzing of flies

Undead Ned and his blushing wife bride
Lay beneath the blanket of grass
The sun has risen and here they'll hide
Patiently waiting for the new day to pass

-AP 07-28-06

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