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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I'm creating new scars with these thoughts in my head
Ripping open my flesh to let the heart faucet drip
Tangling sinues and ligaments alike
Swingling like wires I'd want to stick in the spokes of a bike

Unconnecting my bones and throwing this skin jacket away
Sloppily moving through the haze of the day
My muscular structure falls apart at the seams
And it feels to me like another one of those glaring red dreams

Burning fire amongst the occular slate of my eyes
The heart faucet seems to be losing it's needed suppliment
I try to hop, skip or take a flying leap
But I soon forget what the hell that even meant

Brain juice inside a bottle necked man
Trying so desperately to calculate his life span
Seeking solace and love is a futile condition
And there's a growing life puddle beneath his feet

The scars I've created have all got their own names
Like those obscure and sleazy beer drinking card playing games
It seems like I'm close to the end of my twine
And the thought of sleeping without dreams suddenly seems so divine

With a flash and a smash, everything seems to crash
Bones, blood, and muscle lie together, like potatoes in a mash
And my mind seems to be the last functioning being in the sludge
Just leave me alone here because I'd be happier not to budge

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