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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Reverend Herman's Whiskey Sermon

Remember ol’ Reverend Herman
and the power of his whiskey driven sermon?
Casted out the devil more than once, occured
Question him twice about existence, obscured

He brandishes a smile and flask of metal
The voice he breathes tastes of wilted rose petal
Slamming the good book while screaming a preacher’s prayer
Reverend Herman’s new nickname: “The Devil Slayer”

The church is filled to the brick with those
Who would give up their children to keep their clothes
They praise the Reverend before them, seen unflawed
To them, he is the incarnate of their almighty God

Reverend Herman lays awake on his musty bed
Whispering incoherently from his wounds, that seep blood red
Cavity ridden decaying toothy smiled grin
He knocks the whiskey back to keep the Devil within

-AP/MH 07-26-06

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