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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I must thank TV for saving my sanity

Given how my life has been going over the past year, I tend to go to many a movie to get my escapist entertainment fix. More and more, however, television has been filling that need as well. Here are some shows I can't get enough of:

Honorable mention: It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Mythbusters, and Man Vs Wild

Of course, this is limited to basic cable shows. If not, I'd definitely be adding some Dexter footage.

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teknohed said...

I still haven't watched Prison break, Chuck, or the Shield (well I watched a couple episodes back when Jeff lived here because he loved that show).

Thoghts on Heroes:I'm not sure about where heroes is going, but here's what I like about this season: HRG / Sylar odd couple team up. Totally hilarous. I like how they killed of Niki who was the weakest character with the most questionable "ability to have a personality disorder" and yet retain the actress to keep the "hot chick" factor high. Speaking of hot chicks, what the fuck happened to Isabelle. She escapes to America from Honduras with nothing but a back pack. Her brother is killed by Sylar and now all she can do is trapse around in low cut tops and do mohinder? I don't know about it. Don't know about Claire being a wuss, kinda like what's going on with Peter and Parkman...we'll see where that goes...don't want to believe that Ando and Hiro won't be friends...does that cover it...oh and the fast she hot? I'm having a hard time deciding...

Thoughts on Fringe: Fucking great show. I think it's finding out what it's about. But I'm loving it. I don't care what JJ says in interviews it is the X-files. Even the intro is basically the X-Files intro for the year 2008 right down to the random paranormal words on the screen...and i love that damn theme music. Becca's not convinced about the Olivia, but she thinks the son is she's on board for this season at least. Oh and the Observer. He's kind of a rip off of the "Strangers" from Dark City. But everything about this show is just X-Files updated...he's basically just an updated spin on the smoking man. Or maybe the chick from Massive Dynamic is the smoking man. I'm just waiting for the X-Files cross over where Skinner comes in for an episode, it's on Fox so it might happen. Could you believe how awesome that would be?