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Monday, October 20, 2008

Burn After Reading

I was in San Francisco over the weekend and during my time there, my cousin wanted to check out Burn After Reading. I'm always up for a movie so I went, of course. I had heard mixed reviews on the film. After watching it, I understand them.

See, I enjoyed the film overall. Yet, there was a definite plot point in the film that made me sit up and say, 'What the fuck?' A few more of these moments happened. It threw off my complete understanding of the movie. It was as if the Coen Brothers went through their normal writing process of this script and got stuck at a certain point where they then opted to throw in a few moments no one would expect that would then tie the movie together. The problem, in my mind, was that the first plot point I am referring to got rid of an enjoyable character. As soon as that character was gone, I enjoyed the film less. It wasn't as amusing to me and the other moments and the final closing of the movie felt too convenient.

The movie is quirky and silly and maintained my attention but it didn't live up to my expectations of what a Coen Brothers movie should be. It's a far cry from Fargo, Raising Arizona, and The Big Lebowski...that's for sure.

The actors do a great job. I always love seeing George Clooney work. Brad Pitt does well with anything he's given. It just seemed the subject matter could have been punched up a bit.

If I had stars, I'd give it 3.

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