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Thursday, August 28, 2008


I'm not going to go on a long rant about this. Decide for yourself. The organization called Party Unity My Ass (P.U.M.A.) is a group of disgruntled Democrats who believe Hilary Clinton was railroaded into not getting the nomination because Barack Obama played unfair. I'm sure this is referring to Florida and Michigan. If I remember correctly, Hilary Clinton made the decision to not count those delegates when they "didn't matter". Whatever, pointing fingers at this point, is futile. The idea that they will not vote for a member of their own party because of harsh feelings like this, seems like a temper tantrum that is just a futile. I'm sure it's to make a point, to send a message, to teach a lesson. But, if the outcome of said lesson puts our country in a sadder and worse state, what kind of lesson/message/point will that be? That we are sore losers who have lost site of the bigger picture and what Democrats, as a party, stand for?

The idea that hurt feelings because the person you wanted didn't get the nomination would in turn make you not vote for the candidate that did get the nomination just because of semantics such as those makes me sad and worry. To not vote or vote for the other party's candidate makes me want to run face first into a wall. It's almost like giving up.

Here's the site I'm referring to:

And just for the record, if Barack Obama didn't get the nomination, I'm sure people would be claiming it's racism instead of sexism. But if he didn't get the nomination, I'd still vote for Clinton. It's just simple logic.

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