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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sequels galore

It seems to me that Die Hard 4 and Indiana Jones 4 opened the flood gates for sequels to be greenlit of movie franchises long since dead. Beverly Hills Cop 4 is in pre-production. Tron 2 is set to come out in 2011, 29 years after the original's theatrical debut. That director is also said to be doing a remake of Logan's Run but with a younger cast. There's a sequel to Sleepaway Camp coming out shortly. Platinum Dunes, Michael Bay's production company, is close to wrapping the new remake of the original Friday The 13th which I think is just blasphemy. He said they have mixed the first two films into one but then took their own liberties with the story. Then there's the remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street, also by Michael Bay's company. That just makes me almost be unable to stifle vomiting on my computer screen. I'm unsure what the state is of the new remake of Hellraiser since the directing team that Clive Barker signed off on is no longer attached to the project. There's talk of a Scream 4 which does not yet have Wes Craven attached, a new Shrek movie, a new Pirates Of The Carribean movie, a remake of The Last House On The Left which is one of my least favorite Wes Craven films (and in my opinion, the most boring), a possible remake of The People Under The Stairs, Monster Squad, and others I can't bring myself to think of right now.

All this has me the movie studios just not want to invest in original ideas anymore? Everything I see nowadays are movies based on comic books, video games, and remakes or sequels. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of those movies. But there's gotta be some original material out there. We need more Junos, more Little Miss Sunshines, etc.

I just got back from Comic Con and this is pretty much all I saw everywhere I looked...of was Comic Con. But this was also the topic of conversation in the car so I figured I'd vent about it in my post Comic Con headache ridden haze.

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scituate said...

I guess a lot of those are safe moneymakers. But a remake of the original Friday the 13th? That's a terrible idea. And Sleepaway Camp is a classic whose ending can never be topped. So any sequels are always disappointing.