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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Murder In The Fall

One day, I stabbed young Eli Pope
It was a Monday when I watched him slip
His eyes emptied out any sense of hope
I left the knife in him to dry the drip

See, he was sleeping with my dear lady
I found picture proof one fine old day
Their actions bared fruit, oh so shady
The Lord set it upon me to make them pay

One day, I shot my dear lady in the back
It was a Tuesday and it happened in the Fall
Her beautiful body collapsed onto the track
Veins rained red against the old white wall

It was cold outside and it was raining
I remember I was wearing one black glove
The dark tree is where I left her hanging
In the dirt is where I buried our love

On a Wednesday, I set fire to the house
I laid on the bed overcome by the heat
Flames took hold of everything I knew
Placing my body onto the mercy seat

The clouds shot down the heavy rain
Against the flames, it waged its war
I closed my eyes and took the blame
The air soon left me, to breathe no more

7/29/08 AP

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