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Saturday, August 19, 2006


She wakes up again soaked in thick angry rain
Her mane of hair is fiery like burnt red grain
Delicate thin wrists scratched dry and bloody cold
Bound tight to a crazy oak tree, bent forward and old

Her makeup is stained like broken body parts
Homeless men owned her like rusted shopping carts
Tattered up clothes and bare legged wet sex
She's open and inviting to the hot muscle flex

Hogtied like a circus freak against this bark
The severed limbs near her memory fire sparks
The beast was here with that salivary drip
She stings at the bite mark fresh on her left hip

A howl at the moon and a twitch in her cheek
Her bones slightly move like the water in the creek
Beastial moans groaning inside the lady's chest
This cover of skin removes easily just like a vest

The beast returns with crimson flesh fur
Her feminine ways make this forrest for her
On all fours now, she sprints as daylight comes soon
Stopping briefly on the cliff to howl at the moon

-AP 08-19-06

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