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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Family, Valued

The farmer in the Dell, he went straight to Hell
He didn't pass Go or collect that dollar bill
His hair was wet and matted to his face
A lifeless pet remained upon the window sill

His overalls spotted red from the hot Summer stain
Dug up soil and grass from the yard near the barn
The skinny cows lean against the tired oak trees
A permanent haze in the air felt thick like yarn

The burbon breath exhaled from the sky like rain
Pouring dryly upon the shallow horse graves
Little Mary was left in her room upstairs sleeping
In her mind repeating the words, "Jesus Saves"

Lined against the walls were porcelain dolls
Eyes never blinking while watching the girl
When she dreamt at night of unicorns and daisies
They would find laughter, dance, and twirl

Grandma Betsy was in the rocker, we hear
Eyes glazed, watching the old picture shows
Her skin greyish blue, matching her hair
Which was tied back with ribbons and bows

In the kitchen, once said, was Bill the young butcher
The well mannered son of this family, so troubled
He hung himself up on the old rusty meathook
At the corners of his mouth, his life left crusty and bubbled

It was all said and done when the house closed shop
The barn is said to be cold and hollow
Think of this next time you pass by this place
Others have entered, but you should never follow

-AP 08-05-06

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