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Friday, August 25, 2006

Ice Cream Man

Hear that rickety music box jingle melody?
Do you see the ice cream truck just down the street?
With windows impenetrable from the rocks and dust
It's muted side menu just as weathered and beat

The wheels are all different shapes and odd sizes
Its white coat turned brown and yellow in places
There's a weird noise like a buzzing of bees
That follow along with the smiling childrens' faces

The kids call and run down along clean lawns
To the Ice Cream Man just up the way
There's a trail of oil that looks almost copper red
Through the sprinklers, they laugh and play

This clown car, it comes every day now
Never stopping to hand out the goods
The song seems so god damn familiar and friendly
At night, it disappears out into the woods

One may wonder if what lurks inside driving
Was not meant to quite ever crawl out
It's broken record lullaby song forever off key
Never stopping while all the little ones frolic about

-AP/MH 08-25-06

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