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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Legends Wander

Redheaded Ralph was swiftly travelling South
On a rickety train being pelted with rocks of rain
His destination was a crotchety dust bowl cut town
Where the atmosphere was vermooth dry and rust brown

His straw hat pushed low to cover his furrowed brow
He chewed on thin sticks made of redwood and oak
Arms folded and rocking to the beat in his head
Heavy breathing, heavy heart always fighting a stroke

Remembering the woman he left behind with the years
The canteen to his side filled with whiskey and tears
Skin wrinkled yet tough like the bag on his back
His record is long yet was derailed from the track

The whistle blew long and hard like a banshee's wail
He laid back in the freight car, eyes cold on the rail
To sleep is to conjure the memories and great glories
Future books will be filled with his many true stories

-AP 08-22-06

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