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Monday, August 21, 2006

Building Grounds

The monkey is on the pipe organ
And the dogs are at the gates
The fire is striking down from God
And the scraps lay at their plates

Inside the box, lies something
Darker than the dead
It's bleeding like a stuffed pig
A shade heavier than red

The chattering man in the corner
Howls and barks at the mortared brick
His face mishapen like a baseball mit
Plaid shirt covered in days old sick

The clutter amidst the rocky ground
Consists of cans, toys, and dolls
The chattering man's face is bleeding
A skull cap covers up his balls

The mountain men are busy hammering
In the spidered corners of this place
Nail upon nail into the wooded planks
To make room for the hangman's space

The air is tired from the old rope's burn
Ragweed burnt against bare feet
The dogs at the gate are whining
Hungry for the taste of living meat

The pine box is close to breaking
Inside it, the drum beat screams
The shards of fish bones come flying
Waking the monkey from crazy dreams

-AP 08-21-06

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