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Sunday, March 30, 2008


The next title on my Netflix that was received the other night was Fido. This film came out a few years ago and I remember thinking I wanted to check it out. Of course, it's stay in theaters was limited and I never got around to seeing it.

The basic rundown of this film is it's the 1950s and America has survived the Zombie Wars. Main cities are now surrounded by protective gates to keep out the zombies that exist in the "Wild Zone". A company named Zomcon has come into power and helps keep order by controlling zombies with an electrical collar. Let's say it turns them into a cross between a slave and domesticated pet.

It was an interesting concept and kept me chuckling through the film as I saw references to Lassie. It also conjured thoughts of slavery and living through the 50s propaganda regarding Communism and whatnot. But this movie was not that deep.

It was a comedy. The main zombie, named "Fido" by Timmy was played by Billy Connolly. He's pictured in the poster above. I find that to be cool. He conveyed a lot of things by a simple grunt or look. I wish he had dialogue, though. Carrie Anne Moss played the hot mother. Cuz she's hot and she played a mother. It was like Leave It To Beaver meets Night Of The Living Dead.

Overall, I loved the concept but there were times during the film that I got bored. I think it could've survived being an hour long episode of Masters Of Horror and still gotten the point across. The little boy's acting left something to be desired. I think Dylan Baker is a great actor and he played Timmy's father in this. I felt like there could have been more done for his character. If anyone does not know who he is, I suggest renting Happiness. He plays quite the twisted character in that. If you haven't seeing Happiness, rent it. Great cast, great performances, fucked up movie.

But back to Fido.

If I had stars, I'd give it 3 out of 5. If it didn't keep me consistently chuckling to the concept and camp of it, it'd be 2 1/2 stars. But it kept me chuckling, so 3 it is.

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