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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cadillac Records

I am going to begin this by saying I am biased. Biased in the sense that I am a huge blues fan and Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf are two of my all time favorite blues musicians. When I heard this movie was being made, I could barely contain myself. So of course I saw it opening weekend.

I'll start by saying that I'm not too impressed with Adrian Brody but he works well enough in this story. I was there for the two blues musicians I mentioned above. Now, even though Jeffrey Wright looks nothing like Muddy Waters, he brought a dedication to the role that soon had me forgetting that detail. It's like Pacino's accent in Scarface. He was dedicated to the accent even though it was not a correct dialect.

I am so happy Jeffrey Wright is working more. He was amazing in this role. All the actors sang their own renditions of the classics these musicians made famous. Mos Def was great as Chuck Berry. Even though I am quite sick of Beyonce, I have to see she too did a good enough job. I mean, don't get me wrong. She can sing of course. She has a bit of acting talent. But I couldn't help think that she just put on a wig and read the lines in a passionate way. Yeah, and she cussed alot in between expressing the daddy issues. I am wondering if she ever spoke with Etta James about the role before committing to it in her preparation. Either way, I can't avoid saying this, she be hot too. Both of them. Etta and her. Ok...moving on...

It was an enjoyable experience to watch the story of these artists unfold on the big screen. I don't think there will be any Academy Award nods for the actors' portrayals of these iconic characters but it's still worth the money...especially if you're a fan of the music like myself. It's also good to understand or learn how the music we listen to nowadays originated. Hell, I found it pretty damn cool they had a nod to Alan Lomax, Elvis Presley, and The Rolling Stones. Some people still don't know that Rock & Roll, R&B, and Hip Hop music all was derived from The Blues.

If I had em, it gets 4.

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