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Friday, September 05, 2008

I'm getting pretty politicked off

See what I did there? Politicked? I'm funny.

But seriously, this may come off a bit jumbled and ranty but I am tired of thinking a lot about this recently without getting it out there. I'm a pretty open minded, dogmatic person. I do my best to see the good in people and the bright side of every view point, even the ones I don't agree with.

That being said, I watched a lot of the Republican National Convention this past week. I figured it was only fair of me to do. If I am to be open minded and dogmatic, I felt I needed to infiltrate the enemy's lair and see what bedtime stories they give their evil baby dragon children before evil dragon naptime.

It scared the crap out of me.

Seriously. I needed a diaper after watching, because the crap was literally scared from out of me.

It started with them bringing out a former football player turned preacher to talk about God, his judgement upon our actions, and reference some Bible passages. They prayed a bit too. I'm not too keen on religion. What baffled me was that it seemed, in that instant, there was no separation between church and state. It seemed it was now just a concept, no longer a rule we adhere to in this nation. Jesusland. I'm a Jew. So was Jesus. Whoop dee frickin' frogger....don't care when it comes to the direction our nation has been taken in this Mr. Toad's Wild Ride of a decade.

I watched Sarah Palin's speech. It was almost like watching a Stepford Wife up there. With all this woman believes, her stances on abortion, making sure the baby gets enough camera time, the pregnant daughter issue, teaching creationism in schools, banning books for bad language or references to two male parents in a children's baffled me. At the same time, I saw why everyone was eating it up. She's kinda hot. She reads well. She's smart. She's sassy.

She's contradictory. She's annoying. She fits the McCain ticket pretty well. To say John McCain didn't pick her to pander to the Clinton fans, to me, is like saying a bacon fat diet based solely on bacon fat ingestion is the healthiest thing out there. Seriously. Bullshit. Her speech after he announced her as his choice, with her reference to Hilary and then the comment about the glass ceiling further clinched it for me. Sure, it'd be awesome to have a woman in office. But to suggest women should vote for her because she is a woman and not touch on all the anti-woman (I use that term cuz I am tired and can't think of something better) beliefs that drive her.

The thing that scared me more than her, was the overall message from the three and a half days of the convention. Country First is a great idea. John McCain seems like a good guy. I've always thought that. But, the convention came off to me like a bunch of posturing and not a lot of substance. Sure, McCain went through some horrible experience in Hanoi. Everyone knows this. Everyone recognizes his bravery and no one questions his patriotism. But to throw that in everyone's faces along with Jesus, war propaganda, more Jesus, the American Flag, more propaganda, finger pointing, and let's just say a bit of a Jesus and war propaganda stew....all in the name of "Peace" and the theme of 'Country First' without ever really going into the real issues that the country is facing regarding economy and health care really seems like a cop out. To state that Obama is inexperienced is fine. I understand the argument and point there. To state that you have a bunch of experience is great too. But to constantly throw that in one's face every day, in every speech, and only discuss military action in Iraq and nothing else is just ludicrous. Yet, they've gotten a considerable bump from the convention.

It saddens me to think that, yet again, our country may vote for a president that they relate to more than someone who will truly make this place better. I hope history won't repeat itself....but always does. Let's just hope it repeats itself in a different manner this time, than how the last 8 years have gone. If not, I'm seriously considering moving out of the country. But, I've said that for the last two elections and I'm still fucking here.

Oh, and on a side note, I'd like to slap Rudy Giuliani with a giant bag of freshly picked arugula.

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