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Monday, June 30, 2008

Passing Torches

Thompson Hewitt threw rocks at Old Man Jace
Hair like rope with pock marks on his face
He always smiled big with jaundice stained teeth
Amidst the town, the folks, the dark earth beneath

Everyone paid heed to this man dressed in robes
Shedding like skin, his normal every day clothes
They would nod and always send pleasant day greetings
Yet, the man continued with the stick n' stone beatings

One day, the town's folks up and just disappeared
The buildings crumbled just as the young man had feared
Thompson Hewitt stood with bare feet and a rusty old shovel
In the middle of the road intent to bury the trouble

Old Man Jace appeared for his afternoon jaunt
Dressed in his Sunday's best, looking much less gaunt
He waved a tall slim hand at the confused young man
Proceeded to disappear like a castle in sand

Onto another folk, another people, another town
Old Man Hewitt found himself dressed in a robe-like gown
The passersby paid heed, giving pleasant day greetings
Hair like rope, face marked from the stick n stone beatings

-AP 06/08

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