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Monday, June 16, 2008

The Incredible Hulk

Yesterday I went and saw The Incredible Hulk. I already had an inclination that this time around, the movie rendition of the popular comic book/ television series would be better than Hulk directed by Ang Lee. My inclination was proved correct.

The movie was awesome. Not as awesome as Iron Man but close. As Mike put it to me yesterday, being that both movies take place in The Marvel Universe, they tend to have free reign in regards to one character from one comic book franchise interacting with another. This is done, like it was in Iron Man, in this movie as well. And it's delightful to see.

There's some cameos. But what's more refreshing is that this movie is shot and feels way more like a comic book movie than Ang Lee's. It's true to the story roots and Edward Norton was fantastic as Bruce Banner. I was a huge fan of The Incredible Hulk when I was a child. I never missed the television show, had the toys, and comic books. Ang Lee's version bored me and I never quite got why they chose to make the hulk so fucking huge in that movie.

The cast in this one is great too. I've recently discovered I have a bit of a crush on Liv Tyler. Mind you, I have a bit of a crush on Jennifer Connoly as well but I think Liv Tyler fit the part better here.

Dare I say, I am even more excited about the idea of an Avengers movie after seeing this film.

It gets 4 stars, if I had em...that is

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