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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Day After

Tired isn't even close to how I feel. It's more like a limbo between conscious and comatose. Drank large amounts of hops baring drinks last night. It was fun. Good party. But now I am at work and all I can think about doing is staring at the wall. It really is soothing, the wall staring that I tend to do. My brain seems to be rebooting itself.

Hammering hungover headache attacked me at about 7am when I woke up to have a orgasmic piss. I had to quickly down advils and drank a whole bottle of water and passed out again.

I met a really cool writer/director last night who is well known in the business. I was so fucking drunk that I think I might have made an ass of myself. He kept saying it was ok and I should be drinking and partying for my birthday. But shit....I was all blubbering about like a little fanboy.

Work. There's work in my inbox. I am sitting here typing a frickin blog instead of working. I just drank coffee and I feel like if I have another liter, I may be able to keep my focus on the task at hand. And speaking of that, I just had to rebrew coffee. All of the carafes were empty but one that was full of nasty Vanilla Nut. Fucking weak ass flavored coffee.

I have some ham and cheese sandwiches with someone's name on them. And all I want to do is spank it and sleep, spank it and sleep. Not really, but it sounded funny.

Too tired....if I last the night I'll be surprised.

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