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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Bronchial Distraction


Two glasses of wine and I want to whine. Fucking roommate has some guy in her room and I think he may be sleeping over. Only problem is he has this cough that is so loud I can hear it in the kitchen. But I'm in my bedroom. Sounds like he has bronchitis or something. It's 4:00 am and I wanted to go to sleep two hours ago. Oh well. MySpace isn't letting me into my page, so I am blogging this here.

I watched the rest of The Station Agent this evening. Really good movie. I suggest everyone watch it. Even those people who have no culture and ultimately are riddled with bad taste. Watch it, I'm sure it will bore you.

I went to Bang tonight. I had more fun there than at Perversion. Mind you, I didn't really dance but I didn't feel that I needed to. I enjoyed my beer and thoroughly enjoyed the company I was with (especially in the hip hop room).

.....seriously....everytime this guy coughs I jump in my seat.

I got to stop at the market and get a few things before going home. I know that's not really a big deal to anyone but it's simple things like that which make me happy now. I am a bit broke but it's been a struggle over the past year. Ya know...I used to think that my dream was to be a successful actor but I think I got overshadowed by the expectations that came with the dream...especially when the dream wasn't becoming the reality I wanted it to become. Now, though, my dream is to enjoy the life I live. Simple, I know. Yet...difficult. But I think I am closer to obtaining this goal. Just enjoy the simple things, not take shit for granted. I believe that if I do this, maybe the acting will follow. After all, it started from me wanting to do something I enjoyed. But it turned into me needing to do it or else my self worth would equal out to less than zero in my mind. was that for a bit of an introspective tangent? And...this blog is supposed to be for poetry. Feh! I haven't been in a poem mood recently, sorry. I'm saying sorry like anyone reads this dang thing. But whatever...the merlot got me sleepy and my bladder wants to peepee and if I was an Indian I'd sleep inside a teepee. Ok...there's your poem.

....FUCKING COUGH DROP! GET ONE! Jesus....I'm glad I got ear plugs.

New sleep goal for the night: be asleep before the sun comes up. Yeah...way to go, me!

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