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Monday, May 15, 2006

First and Foremost

Welcome to my blog.

Does anyone else think of Lincoln Logs when typing the word blog? And while on the subject, does anyone even remember Lincoln Logs? Like kids want to even play with such a simplistic concept of a toy. A box full of logs that you can make into a cabin, or house, or porta potty, pile of logs being hearded together like cattle. Only to be taken to the fireplace abattoir for a burning.

What the hell am I talking about anyway?

Yep...that's usually what I would like your reaction to be upon reading this. Of course, that is if I am not ranting about politics, stupid people, giving you movie reviews, sharing cool videos,or sharing my written works of genius.

Other genius types will be sharing their own thoughts, opinions, points of views, and works here-in.

So welcome to my blog.

Be sure to take your shoes off and rub your toes all in it.

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